Terms & Conditions


We collect personal information from you, including information about your:
• name
• contact details
• location
• billing information
We collect your personal information to:
• Provide our services to you, providing information to our clients and marketing. We may also use your Personal Information for secondary purposes closely related to the primary purpose, in circumstances where you would reasonably expect such use or disclosure. When we collect Personal Information, we will, where appropriate and where possible, explain to you why we are collecting the information and how we plan to use it.
Your Personal Information is stored in a manner that reasonably protects it from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. When your Personal Information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was obtained, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your Personal Information. However, most of the Personal Information is or will be stored in client files which will be kept by us for a minimum of 7 years.
You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information, or to have it corrected, please contact us at info@ruapehu.co.nz, or 06-385-8149, or 16B Goldfinch Street, Ohakune


The Guest is responsible for the property during the Guest’s stay. This responsibility includes:

– taking reasonable care of the property.

– leaving the property at the end of the stay with all utensils, fixtures, fittings, and equipment on, in or about the property in a clean and tidy condition.

– not removing anything from the property.

– ensuring every door is locked and key returned to the lock box provided

The Guest is liable for any breakages or damage caused to the property or chattels that occurs during the Guest’s stay. When you arrive at the property, if you notice any pre-existing damages or breakages, please report these to Ruapehu Chalet Rentals immediately. Ruapehu Chalet Rentals reserves the right to inspect the property at any time during your stay.


The person who makes the booking must be over the age of 20 years old. This information will be checked prior to the guest’s arrival, and we will not release the keys for the property until this ID has been sighted.


Each holiday home rental has specific occupancy limits and rules of conduct, and these are strictly enforced. The number of adults and children to occupy the rental home must be stated at the time of booking and must not exceed the allowed number of guests. Property lines/boundaries, privacy, and the quiet enjoyment of neighbours are to be always respected, with quiet hours observed between 9pm and 7am. Increased occupancy, vehicle traffic, excessive noise, or illegal activity, will result in a $1,000 penalty fee, eviction, and the forfeiture of all prepaid rentals.


  • We accept payment via bank transfer or via Visa or Mastercard
  • For booking made more than 21 days in advance of your stay, we require a 50% deposit of the total accommodation costs. The balance is due 21 days before your arrival date.
  • For bookings that are made less than 21 days before arrival date, the full payment is required at the time of booking.


If notice of cancellation is received on or before 14 days prior to the commencement of your stay, you will receive a refund of funds held, less $35 administration fee.

If the cancellation occurs within that 14-days-prior-period, your funds held (or part thereof) will be forfeited unless the time-period reserved by you can be re-sold, in which case, you will receive a refund of funds held less $35 administration fee.

If re-sell does not occur, then the following applies:

If cancellation is received between 11-14 days prior to the first night’s accommodation (and re-sale does not occur), then 25% of the funds held is forfeited, in addition to the $35.00 administration fee.

If cancellation is received between 6-10 days prior to the first night’s accommodation (and re-sale does not occur), then 50% of the funds held is forfeited, in addition to the $35.00 administration fee.

If cancellation is received between 1-5 days prior to the first night’s accommodation (and re-sale does not occur), then 100% of the funds are forfeited.


If your cancellation occurs before 40 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, then the total of your monies paid, less $80 non refundable booking fee is refunded.

If inside 40 days prior to your reserved arrival date and if your reserved timeframe is resold, then the total of your monies paid, $80 non refundable booking fee is refunded, LESS any additional service costs incurred, due to the way the cancelled booking may get re-booked.

If your reserved timeframe cannot be re-sold and cancellation occurs, then 100% of your payment will be forfeited.

Because your reservation secures your sole-use of the reserved chalet, any cancellation by you for a timeframe that is unable to be re-sold, means a total loss of revenue for the chalet owner. In some cases, we may have turned other guests away due to your holding that chalet, therefore, the following cancellation policies apply.

At all times we endeavour to re-book cancelled accommodation. In any event we strongly advise guests to take out travel insurance to protect themselves against unexpected changes to their travel plans.

If a credit card was used as payment of the deposit the refund will be made to this card. Any other form of deposit payment the refund will be by online-transfer. This cancellation policy is strictly enforced.

RCR make no guarantee about the skiing or mountain or weather conditions. The booking/cancellation number must be quoted for all cancellations.

NB: If re-sale of cancelled accommodation nights causes additional servicing charges over and above the standard 1 x service per booking (e.g. 2 x bookings requiring 2 x cleans), the costs of any additional services will be deducted from any refund due.


We have a special set of terms and conditions to assist guests who are impacted by Covid 19 Lockdowns and travel restrictions. If you cannot travel due to restrictions imposed by our government, or a national authority in your country of residence, the following rules apply. Please email us at info@ruapehu.co.nz           

For guests who are yet to arrive:

  1. We would still love to be able to host you. You can transfer your reservation to any of our chalets with your new arrival date to be within 12 months of your original reservation date. Please ensure you have locked in a new date within 14 days of the restrictions applying to you. If you do not lock in new dates, Ruapehu Chalet Rentals will retain the non-refundable part of your payment and refund you any balance. In all circumstances, Ruapehu Chalet Rentals Charge an $80 booking fee which is Non-refundable.
  2. A full refund of all accommodation costs paid – the Booking fee paid at time of booking is non-refundable.

For guests who have already arrived in a Ruapehu Chalet Rentals Property:

If you choose to depart early, Ruapehu Chalet Rentals will not refund for unused nights. Guests in this situation are strongly invited to re book later when the restrictions end with negotiated rates at the discretion of Ruapehu Chalet Rentals and the homeowner.

For guests who have booked on a third-party platform:

If you have booked through third party platforms such as air bnb or holiday houses please contact the platform directly to send through your request for Ruapehu Chalet Rentals to review before any amendments can be processed.

These special terms and conditions only apply to disruption/Cancellations due to Covid 19 Lockdowns and travel restrictions. Our standard terms and conditions apply to all other circumstances.


Unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise making a reserved property unavailable, (for example – the property has been withdrawn for sale, alterations/repairs, or personal use) Because this is out of Ruapehu Chalet Rentals control, we do not accept any liability for such occurrence, financial or otherwise. If any of these situations occur, we reserve the right to cancel the booking on behalf of the owner. However, we will endeavor to find alternative comparable accommodation for the intended dates of stay or unused paid accommodation costs will be refunded in full. No further compensation will be offered.


Guests may check in any time after 2pm on the date of arrival. Unless otherwise arranged.  Please pick up the keys from Ruapehu Chalet Rentals Office located on 16B Goldfinch Street, Ohakune unless prior arrangements have been made. Following Check in, please notify us promptly if anything seems amiss upon your arrival to the property. Please DO NOT operate spa pools, televisions, or electronic devices until you have reviewed the associated instructions in your Compendium which will be located at the property. Improper operations may impair performance or reception and result in a service callout fee.


Checkout is strictly 10am

A late checkout at 12pm is permitted subject to availability. Please arrange a late checkout at the time of your booking. A Late Checkout Incurs a $50 + GST Fee to cover additional housekeeping costs.

Lost keys may result in a minimum fee of $50 + GST being charged to the credit card on file.


All Ruapehu Chalet Rentals Prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and include New Zealand’s 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST) Unless stated otherwise.


Ruapehu Chalet Rentals will charge any extras costs, penalties or any other money that guests may become liable to pay under these Terms and Conditions against the security bond or any credit card held on file. Ruapehu Chalet Rentals may also recover any associated collections costs and legal costs.


Ruapehu Chalet Rentals Reserves the right to hold a security bond against a guest’s credit card for security purposes and to cover any additional moneys the guests become liable to pay Ruapehu Chalet Rentals


More frequent cleaning may be scheduled upon request for an additional charge. Excessively littered and/or dirty conditions at check-out will results in extended housekeeping hours at an additional cost of $50/Hour + GST. If any additional housekeeping is necessary including work to clean carpets, remove stains, repair finishes, or replace furnishings, textiles, BBQ or homewares OR remove excess rubbish, you will be charged for Labour, materials and merchandise, plus any vehicle charges.


Ruapehu Chalet Rentals Property are residential dwellings and are to be used strictly for residential purposes by the guests(s) and the number of occupants nominated at the time of booking. The use of the property for a function, a party or any other gathering is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The use of the property for purposes other than a residential dwelling will result in eviction from the property, termination of the booking, forfeiture of all prepaid rentals and a penalty of up to $5,000 (including GST)


No smoking, vaping or use of unlawful substances is allowed inside the property. Please remove any cigarette butts from outside the property. If smoking or unlawful substance odor is noted on check out there will be a bond charge will be applied as well as any costs for additional cleaning, fumigation, repair, and remedial costs.


Any lost property retrieved will be kept securely at our office, we will contact you and arrange for postage. A minimum charge of $10 plus postage and packaging will be charged to the guest’s credit card.

15. PETS

Animals are not permitted on the property. If animals are found on the property, a $500 penalty fee will be charged PLUS any other cleaning fees.


We strongly advise purchasing travel insurance for your reservation. We are unable to accept any changes to bookings within 14 days prior to arrival. If a claim is required, our admin team will be able to assist with any documentation to support the claim.


Ruapehu Chalet Rentals Charges a minimum of $85 + GST to bookings vacating on a New Zealand Public Holiday. Please be aware of this when making a booking.


Our office hours are 9am until 4pm, Monday to Friday. We will be closed on the weekends (summer) and Public Holidays and we are always contactable via an Emergency Telephone if there is ever a problem or communication is needed.


The information and descriptions supplied here are believed to be accurate and offered in good faith. Certain features or facilities may not be available from time to time due to circumstances beyond out control for which we accept no liability. Whereas Ruapehu Chalet Rentals makes every endeavor to ensure that the property is clean and equipped, ready for each tenancy, Ruapehu Chalet Rentals cannot be held responsible for any accident or unforeseen event beyond our control, which may affect the quality and/or duration of the tenancy.


The following is the arrangement that you are agreeing to. Please make special note of these items. Each chalet is privately-owned and is available to be holiday-rented upon the following terms;

Terms: “The Owner”; The person who owns the said property. “The Tenant”; the person identified in the Booking Confirmation. “Ruapehu Chalet Rentals or RCR” of 16 Goldfinch Street, Ohakune. Ruapehu, NZ; as agents for the Owner. “The premises”; the physical property which is the subject of the rental as identified in the Booking Confirmation. “The rental” the financial total due for the rental as specified on the Booking Confirmation. “The Term” The Day and Date the tenancy commences through to 10:00am on the Day and Date the tenancy ends. “The Bond” A form completed by the tenant, signed, including credit card details held by RCR for potential charging if the said chalet is damaged in any way or chattels lost, damaged , or destroyed or for any other reason deemed by RCR as to warrant part or whole payment of the bond to the chalet owner. Please note in the case of malicious damage the full cost of remedial work will be recovered from the tenant, the bond limit will not apply. “Booking Confirmation/Form”; the form/sheet detailing information about the specific reservation.

This agreement is made BETWEEN the Owner and the Tenant.

The payment of the rental and/or a deposit by any means or reservation made using a credit card as a guarantee and/or the collection of the key/s by the tenant is deemed to be their acceptance of the conditions and terms of this agreement.


Whereby the owner agrees to let, and the tenant agrees to rent the premises at the rental and for the term mentioned on the following terms and conditions;

The Rental shall commence on the day specified as “Arrive” on the Booking Confirmation with the collection the keys. The rental shall finish at 10:00am and the keys returned to Ruapehu Chalet Rentals on the day as specified on the Booking Confirmation as “Departure”.

The rental is payable in advance to RCR, and prior to picking up the keys to the property.

The completed Bond Form is required in advance by RCR, prior to the check-in date. The form will be retained by RCR until the completion of the rental term, whereupon the chalet is cleaned and checked for damage or losses. If enforcement of a bond charge is required due to damage or missing chalet property the tenant will be informed as soon as practical. This can be delayed if another tenant occupies the chalet in question, and RCR are unable to rectify the damage. Please note the full cost of remedial work will be recovered from the tenant in the case of malicious damage.


The Tenant hereby agrees as follows:

  1. The tenant shall not permit more than the number of persons as specified on the Booking Confirmation to sleep at the premises. This breaks Fire Safety Regulations and, if this condition is broken, will result in immediate eviction and complete and total loss of rental and bond with no refund.
  2. The tenant shall keep the premises and surroundings in a clean and tidy condition.
  3. The tenant is responsible for the removal of all their rubbish/recycling generated during the tenancy. It must be removed completely from the premises. Ohakune has an excellent Recycling Centre. Directions for the Centre along with a pre-paid Council rubbish bag will be provided upon check-in. Ruapehu is green and recycling is encouraged. If rubbish and or recycling is required to be removed by Ruapehu Chalet Rentals from the premises at the completion of the tenancy, a $35 fee will be deducted from your bond prior to releasing any applicable bond refund.
  4. The tenant shall make good any loss or damage to the property or chattels therein, caused accidentally or wilfully or by carelessness, neglect or misuse. (Fair wear and tear excluded).
  5. The tenant warrants to not remove any chattels from the premises either during the occupation or upon vacating the premises.
  6. The tenant shall not keep pets at the dwelling without prior agreement and only in specific chalets accepting pets. Most chalets do not allow pets.
    6b. NO SMOKING – No smoking is permitted in any of the Chalets.
  7. The tenant shall not assign, sublet, or in any way part with the possession of the premises.
  8. (a) The tenant shall not create excessive noise, nuisance or annoyance on the said premises to affect surrounding dwellings.
    (b) The tenant shall not become intoxicated through excessive alcohol or come under the influence of legal or illegal substances on the premises.
  9. The tenant agrees to not re-position any chattels, furniture, beds etc.
  10. The tenant will ensure the property is secure upon vacating.
  11. The tenant shall leave the property as they found it and in a clean and tidy condition on the day the premises are vacated. Where the property is not left in a secure, clean and tidy condition, the Tenant agrees to pay for any costs to reinstate the property to a secure, clean and tidy condition.
  12. The tenant shall deliver the keys to the Office of Ruapehu Chalet Rentals by 10:00am on the day the premises are vacated. Failure to do so could incur a penalty equal to one night’s rental for each and every day the key remains outstanding. If you require a later checkout, prior permission must be sought through RCR and will not always be possible. If permission is granted by RCR for a later than 10:00am checkout, and actual checkout time occurs between 10:00am and 11:00am then no surcharge is applied. If permission for a later checkout was obtained and granted and your actual checkout occurs between 11:00am 12:00pm a $50.00 surcharge is payable, between 12:00 and 1:00pm a $75.00 surcharge is payable, and any point in time after 1:00pm, one full further night’s rental is payable. Late checkout can result in our having to organise and pay premium service crew charges and can also result in inconvenience and sometimes relocation expenses for that chalet’s next guests.
  13. All rentals of less than 7 nights and crossing into either Friday or Saturday night will have 2 nights rental at the appropriate weekend rate for the chalet they are staying in as part of the rental for their stay.
  14. BOND: A form completed by the tenant, signed, including credit card details received by RCR prior to the check in date. A bond of good faith and responsible tenancy, ($500 bond applies to chalets sleeping up to 9 people. $1000 bond applies to chalets sleeping 10 or more) held by RCR for potential charging if the said chalet is damaged in any way or chattels lost, damaged, destroyed or for any other reason deemed by RCR as to warrant part or whole payment of the bond to the chalet owner. Please note that in the case of malicious damage the full cost of remedial work will be recovered from the tenant, the bond limit will not apply.
  15. Payment of 50% deposit is require at the time of booking. The balance for all bookings is due 21 days prior to arrival.
  16. There is NO REFUND for any cancellation or termination of the tenancy once the rental has commenced due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. We recommend you take out travel insurance for protection against insurable unforeseen circumstances.


The Owner’s agent and/or the owner reserve the right to evict immediately any tenant who does not comply with any of the clauses in this agreement. If eviction does occur for any reason, any monies held are forfeited. The owner’s agent and/or the owner cannot be held responsible for any weather conditions during your stay nor do they make any guarantee as to predicted weather conditions.

Whereas Ruapehu Chalet Rentals makes every endeavour to ensure that the property is clean and equipped, ready for each tenancy, Ruapehu Chalet Rentals cannot be held responsible for any accident or unforeseen event beyond our control, which may affect the quality and/or duration of the tenancy.