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The 42 Traverse (46km / 4-7 hours) This well-known 42 Traverse is one of the top rides in the North Island. Well-known for the long and often rutted downhills. the track is testing but "enjoyable". The track surface varies from gravel to mud, some stream crossings guessed it...some uphills. The scenery is breathtaking from the three volcanoes to lush unspoiled bush. This is a very unique track insofar as you can make it as adverturous or as gentle as you lilke.

Erua Conservation Area (1-4 hours...) 3km from Horopito (refer map) on "Middle Road" It is a mixture of 4WD and single tracks. Enjoy exploring!

Fishers Track (21km / 2-3 hours) This particular ride is still a'll experience the best part of a 17km downhill dropping from 900m to'll feel that experience! Mixed surface with lots of grass...interesting cornering!

Rangataua Forest (1-3 hours) Start at Rantagaua Village railtracks and head off through the forested area. Tracks are old logging tracks and you need your 4WD...Good luck!

Ruatiti Road Sealed road. Very scenic. 16km downhill from State-highway-4 to Ruatiti domain picnic areas and swimming holes or try "Scenic Cycles" for a "you ride down - we'll drive you back" option.

The Pines Go 3km south on Statehighway 4 from National Park. The old Waikune Prison is on your left. On your right is The Pines. There is a tar-sealed road across the railway tracks on your right that heads down to the old mill site. Throughout this area you'll find great tracks. Pick up a map from the BP garage at National Park.

John McDonald Loop For experienced riders who like a challenge, this is perhaps the best ride in the Tongariro Forest. Its a 40km loop but note that it takes 4-7 hours and you'll need excellent navigation skills (don't take John Land the Legend with you as leader on this one) You experience every type of riding on this one!

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